Our Goals

  • Build capacity to implement school-based prevention and early identification strategies that promote student mental health

  • Build relationships among local agencies to develop effective cross-system collaboration

  • Build capacity to provide education and training for school staff

  • Provide technical assistance to schools for program development and implementation
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This clearinghouse of resources and regional best practices is provided to assist California county offices of education, districts and schools to develop and implement effective programs and services that promote the mental health and wellness of students in grades K-8, with linkages to preschool and grades 9-12.

Our search feature helps you find useful resources specific to your needs as a teacher, school staff member, or administrator. Mental health staff, parents, caregivers and community members will also find the resources helpful as they work in partnership with schools.

Featured Resources

  • Parent-Child Interaction Therapy: A program for parents of young children, ages 2-7, with emotional and behavioral conduct disorders. Parents are taught skills to interact positively with their child through play to build a nurturing and secure relationship and encourage prosocial behaviors. The...

  • Project Towards No Tobacco Use: A classroom-based curriculum designed to counteract multiple causes of tobacco use and prevent or reduce tobacco use among 5th-9th grade students. Includes lessons on awareness of misleading information about tobacco use, development of skills to resist social...